I am a star dentist to Cher, Ben Affleck and Kate Hudson – 5 dangerous habits yellowing your enamel & making you look older

I am a star dentist to Cher, Ben Affleck and Kate Hudson – 5 dangerous habits yellowing your enamel & making you look older

HOLLYWOOD’S dentist-to-the-stars is liable for the grins of such celebrities as Kate Hudson, Cher, and Renee Zellweger.

Now Dr. Jon Marashi tells The Solar which errors might be yellowing your enamel, and what he tells sufferers – who additionally embody Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – what to do for brighter pearly whites.

I am a star dentist to Cher, Ben Affleck and Kate Hudson – 5 dangerous habits yellowing your enamel & making you look older


Dr. Jon Marashi, whose sufferers embody Kate Hudson, tells The Solar which errors might be yellowing your enamelCredit score: Instagram/Dr. Jon Marashi
The dentist-to-the-stars explained what habits to avoid if you want a white smile


The dentist-to-the-stars defined what habits to keep away from if you need a white smileCredit score: Dr. Jon Marashi

“Whiter enamel are thought of younger, they appear cleaner, and they’re actually thought of extra enticing,” says Dr. Marashi, whose sufferers additionally embody Patrick Dempsey, Ryan Seacrest, and Austin Butler.

“All you must do is have a look at the distinction between a child’s smile and an aged grownup’s smile and you will notice the distinction. A toddler will nearly at all times have clear white enamel, whereas somebody a lot older oftentimes has extra yellow, aged, or deteriorated enamel.

“A white tooth right now is an indication of well being and youthfulness, and attractiveness has come into play as nicely.”

For those who’re not pleased with the colour of your enamel, Dr. Marashi says it’s possible you’ll need to break a number of of those dangerous habits.

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You have heard your dentist say it 1,000,000 instances, however that is as a result of it is true: For those who do not take fundamental care of your enamel, you are going through not solely cavities however a yellower smile.

Dr. Marashi says not brushing or flossing – or not doing both typically sufficient – might be seen in your enamel, however sticking to a gentle brush and floss routine will maintain them white.

“It’s not a horny recipe, however there may be NO substitute for it,” says the professional.

For toothpaste, he particularly likes the no-preservative model Howdy and makes use of it on his personal enamel.


Many children are thrilled to indicate off their shiny smiles after a visit to the dentist, however adults might be dangerous about conserving their twice-a-year appointments.

Some would possibly suppose they’re taking ok care of their enamel and do not want the checkup – however they’re mistaken.

“Irrespective of how good you might be by yourself, there are nonetheless sure residues that may get caught within the crevices of your enamel and gums that construct up over time,” says Dr. Marashi.

“The build-up may also depart a movie layer over the enamel that causes discoloration,” he provides, urging folks to not have prolonged or lengthy intervals between skilled enamel cleanings.

Dr. Marashi (pictured with Ryan Seacrest) says not to skip brushing and flossing


Dr. Marashi (pictured with Ryan Seacrest) says to not skip brushing and flossingCredit score: Instagram/Dr. Jon Marashi


“What sorts of meals and drinks are you consuming?” asks Dr. Marashi, noting that some can yellow your enamel.

“For drinks, it’s the plain: espresso, tea, purple wine, and heavily-colored or syrupy sorts of liquids.

“With meals, as soon as once more it comes down to clutter and residue being caught on the enamel. There’s a cause sugar will get such a foul rap — it simply sticks on the enamel and turns into a feeding floor for micro organism.

“Yellow curry spices, whereas not fairly as sticky, do comprise pigments that may stain the floor and depart a yellow tone,” warns the skilled, who has handled Martin Quick, Kurt Russell, and Joaquin Phoenix.

He tells patients (like Renee Zellweger, pictured) to keep up regular teeth cleanings


He tells sufferers (like Renee Zellweger, pictured) to maintain up common enamel cleaningsCredit score: Instagram/Dr. Jon Marashi


If the elevated danger of most cancers is not sufficient to get you to place down the cigarettes, perhaps vainness will do the trick.

“Nicotine is horrible to your enamel (and your well being) and might depart yellowish-brown floor stains on the tooth enamel,” says Dr. Marashi.


“The skincare trade has achieved an unbelievable job with getting folks to leap on board with a skincare routine that’s achieved with out fail,” says Dr. Marashi.

“They wash, they scrub, they moisturize, they dry, they placed on a masks, they do all of these things. Even my 14-year-old daughter has a skincare routine now.

His Hollywood patients include Patrick Dempsey (pictured), Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck


His Hollywood sufferers embody Patrick Dempsey (pictured), Matt Damon, and Ben AffleckCredit score: Instagram/Dr. Jon Marashi
Dr. Marashi is pictured with Austin Butler – and some floss


Dr. Marashi is pictured with Austin Butler – and a few flossCredit score: Instagram/Dr. Jon Marashi

“If folks spent a fraction of that point on their oral well being, there can be so much fewer cavities and much more brighter enamel.”

With folks so good about sticking to skincare routines to look youthful and extra enticing, it is sensible that they need to need to put the identical effort into their enamel.


Sticking to the entire suggestions above ought to maintain your smile wholesome and vivid, but when the harm is already achieved, says enamel whitening may help.

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Dwelling kits like strips are positive, however Dr. Marashi says that “skilled in-office enamel whitening beneath the supervision of a skilled beauty dentist will at all times yield a greater end result than any over-the-counter product.”

He defined: “We use a particular kind of peroxide gel that’s rigorously painted onto the enamel, whereas the lips and gums are protected, leaving a brighter, whiter smile!”

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